Belong Camp

July 1-11


Ok, so this is the epic part. Our venue is a 150 old, revamped alcohol factory. We have 2 acre space, a lake, and a 3200 m2 building to hang out. And all this, about 1.5 hour drive from the capital of Hungary, near Szekszárd, a really unique wine region. We will be pretty secluded to have our own little community, but also really close to everything, when we need something.


Lisa and Timi will make sure to move ourselfs in the mornings and start the day fresh!

We’re organising some activities outside of the camp, those will be a lot of fun for sure!


Every evening we are preparing some fun activities for the villagers of Belong Camp: including movie night, game night or even a talent show.

We gonna work as well during the camp and we offer an easy going and a silent room for that!


Belong Camp is a CoCreation camp, where we can work, grow and create together. 

Full Boarding

All meals, accommodation and coffee are included in the final price.


We have program both in the morning and the evening. The day is all yours to work/rest.


What's NOT included?

Drinks, Restaurants, SUP session, Kayak session


We have a double room in the castle. Comes with a shared bathroom, and can be booked by 2 people only.

€1500 (750/person)

Early Bird price


We have 4 twin rooms with shared bathroom where you can book a bed and we make sure that your room mates are cool or you can book it with your partner and put the beds together.


Early Bird price


Family Edition

We have one room with 4 beds if you don’t need so much private space and want to bring the max out of the camp.


Early Bird price


XL Edition

Because so many of you wanted to attend, we opened an extra room for 7 people which is cozier than a tent for sure!


Early Bird price


We know some of you prefers privacy instead of comfort so in this year we try something new! Single tents with beds! And with the shared bathroom of course!


Early Bird price


If you want to bring your own home you are also welcome we’ll give you electricity and shared bathroom.


Early Bird price


One of our principles is to respect everyone, including those in a different financial situation. If you have more, with this ticket you allow someone who only has less to come to camp.

Please contact us!


How do I get there?

Fly in to Budapest, the factory is about 1.5 hour drive from there. You will be able to rent a car, but we will also arrange carsharing. You can also come with train to Tolna. There are 16 trains a day. Someone will pick you up at the station.

Here you can find the address and the coordinates: 46.494755557256006, 18.745480954048933

When should I arrive?

For the Camp, you can check in from 6PM on the 1st of July.
If you come to the Fest you can arrive from 5PM on 10th of July

What is the daily itinerary?

Early Mornings start with some workouts or yoga and meditation.

After some yummie breakfast, we work from 9-5. Just like the good old days we were running away. We have a Lunch break too, OC.

After 5 we will have some programs within the factory, usually something really chill. Then at 9 pm we have dinner.

We have 2 masterminds to help you with your current struggles work, or personal.
At night we play music by the fire, play games, or do an outdoor movie night.


What type of food will there be on retreat? I have a specific dietary need, will there be options?

Breakfasts and dinners will be vegetarians and prepared at the camp, lunch we gonna
order from a local restaurant who can prepare meat and vegetarian food as well.

Do I need to bring sheets and towel?

We’ll provide sheets if you booked a bed, but please bring towel with you! If you booked
into the camping, you’ll need your sleeping bag, and your tent or sleeping van!

What clothes should I bring?

You’ll need mostly comfy and sporty clothes for working and for the programs you’ll
participate like yoga, hiking, paddling or muay-thai. You can also bring some pretty ones
for the Fest and the Wine tasting. Some warm layers we absolutely recommend and a rain
jacket can be useful any time.

What kind of weather can we expect?

We hope the weather will be gracious to us and will be nice warm late night weather. We for sure will have some awesome thunderstorms, those a super fun at an abandoned factory. 🙂

Are all the meals included?

Yes, you’ll get breakfast, lunch and dinner as well!

Do you provide all the drinks?

Drinks are not included in the price, but will be available for purchase at the factory.

Do I need anything specific?

Only if you need like medicines, your own coffee, and probably mosquito repellant can be

Is there a Wifi there?

Unfortunately there is no Wifi there, so please be prepared with a local sim card, or some
other solution.

Can I work there?

Of course you can! We’ll separate co-working and silent room as well for the ones, who
can never stop working!

What kind of programs we gonna have?

We try to have balance in the programs, so we’ll have morning workouts, workshops for
skill sharing, mastermind sessions and outdoor programs as well and of course, some
music programs.

Is there a grocery store?

There is a very small shop in the village, 15-20 minutes walking away, or you can find
bigger stores in Tolna city 5km away.

What is the cancellation policy?

Full refund if you or us need to cancel due to COVID.


Of Course! Here is what you need to know: From September 2020, borders are closed for all foreigners, EXCEPT for business reasons. So in case there are no changes by June, we will provide everyone a business invite, cause this retreat falls into the business and education theme.

Is the event COVID safe?

We are determined to make this event COVID-safe. You will be able to enter with a recent (72 hour) negative PPC OR Rapid test, or with your immunity card.